Forbe’s Features Cryptocurrency Rich list

A major sign of cryptocurrency being one of the most popular and sought after trends is when Forbes the magazine famous for listing the Rich, feature a Cryptocurrency Rich List.

Forbes Richest List
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Who is number one on the Cryptocurrency Rich List in Forbes– None other than the sudden Billionaire, Ripple co founder Chris Larsen. He is estimated to have a crypto net worth of USD 7.5-8 billion. Not at all bad, for a person who was not at all known about until last year December.

Chris Larsen is not a part of Ripple anymore, but he still holds 17% stake in it. Last December he had a net worth of $20 Billion when Ripple had a crazy run in the market with huge highs.

Forbes even listed figures such as price changes in 2017 of the three most common cryptocurrencies, which are Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. This was at a figure of 14,409%. A caveman would have fainted at the mere volatility.

In other Crypto statistics according to Forbes

  • Around 1,500 crypto assets in existence worth USD 550 billion
  • Average age of cryptocurrencys richest people is 42 compared to the normal list having an average age of 67

Next in the list is Joseph Lubin with a crypto net worth of 1-5 billion. Joseph Lubin is the Co founder of the second most popular Cryptocurrency called Ethereum.

Followed by Changpeng Zhao having USD 1.1-2 Billion in crypto assets.  Changpeng Zhao is the founder of the most popular Cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

What is not noted is that if Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin had disclosed his identity, he would be number one in the list by a whooping amount.

The estimated holdings of cryptocurrencies are subjected to post tax profits and locked till the date of January 19,2018.

Cryptocurrency is indeed a new way of making good money and featuring in the Forbes list. Patience along with knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency is needed.


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