Delhi’s Initiative of Growth of Plants to be Monitored using Blockchain

On September 6th an initiative by the New Delhi Muncipal Council (NDMC) had a very unique touch to it. 10,000 trees were planted and with the help of blockchain technology and  Geo tagging, the maintenance and growth of the plants will be tracked.

Naresh Kumar the chairman of NDMC claimed it was the first time planting of plants is done through Blockchain and Geo Mapping. Kumar said:-

“The plantation of saplings is not a one-time activity. The saplings need to be monitored regularly both by the agency as well as the people living in the area so that the plants live their expected lifespan. People will be able to enter the blockchain platform only by authenticating their credentials. They can also adopt a plant and take over the responsibility of its upkeep. Anyone entering the platform can monitor the progress of the plants on a real-time basis.”

Trees like Neem, Peepal, Jamun and Tamarind were planed across Delhi. Kumar added:-

“NDMC will make a unique ID for each tree over a blockchain. When data of all plants are entered as unchanging blocks of the transaction in the blockchain, this data will be utilized for regular checking of data.”

Blockchain is defined as a decentralized ledger that helps keep track of transactions that occur over a distributed system. Each block in the blockchain is associated with the previous block through digital signature so that data remains unmodified.

Hence as a result Blockchain will help ensure that corrective measures are taken in order to maximize plantations and growth of trees.

Blockchain’s real use cases are plenty especially in India. From manufacturing, healthcare, retail and telecom it has a number of uses. India’s huge population is difficult to manage and thus in comes Blockchain technology.

A survey by global consultancy firm PwC has noted that India could lead in terms of adoption of blockchain technology given the right amounr of industry and government participation.

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