Bitgert’s Popularity Takes a Hit as BRISE Plummets to Record Low

The native token of the Bitgert platform, BRISE, has hit its lowest point since February 17, dropping to $0.00000047. This represents a more than 27% decline from its highest point in February, despite Bitcoin hovering near a key resistance point this year. The decline in Bitgert’s popularity has led to a significant drop in the volume of Google searches for the coin, which is an important indicator of an asset’s popularity.

Google Trends Data Shows a Crash in Volume for Bitgert

Google Trends data indicates that the volume of searches for Bitgert has fallen to its lowest point since December. Other related keywords such as Bitgert price and Bitgert crypto have also seen a decline. This trend suggests that Bitgert is losing popularity worldwide.

In addition to the decline in Google searches, the total value locked in Bitgert’s DeFi ecosystem has also dropped to 4.17 trillion BRISE, its lowest level on record. In dollar terms, the TVL stands at around $1.96 million, down from its all-time high of over $10 million. These figures further reinforce the decline in Bitgert’s popularity.

Developers Launch iOS Version of Bitgert’s Exchange

In the most recent Bitgert news, developers have announced the upcoming launch of the iOS version of its exchange. The app has been accepted by Apple, and the developers have activated the testflight. The mainnet is set to go live during the upcoming weekend.

Developers have also launched a product that enables users to launch their meme coins within minutes, which can be traded in Bitgert’s exchange. This product is a further indication of Bitgert’s focus on staying relevant and adapting to the changing cryptocurrency landscape.

Bitgert Price Prediction

Despite the new developments, the outlook for Bitgert’s price remains neutral. A bearish view will be confirmed if the coin moves below the lower side of the triangle pattern, which could result in a plunge to $0.00000042. Conversely, if the coin breaks above the upper side of the triangle at $0.00000051, it will signal that the bulls have prevailed.

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